Care & Maintenance

Maintenance Free
Terrastone Quartz Surfaces is virtually maintenance free. Its durable quartz aggregate makes the surface hard and scratch resistant. Terrastone keeps its lust without sealants or waxes keeping the surface clean and looking spectacular for years to come. Terrastone meets the requirements for restaurants, hotels, schools, residential and commercial applications.
Terrastone Care

Terrastone is easy to keep clean and maintain. In most cases a simple wipe over with a dry or damp cloth will remove the dirt.

In case of stubborn spills or stains, soak the area with soapy water for up to 10 minutes, and wipe away with a non scratch pad.

With stains like rubber etc, a knife with extreme caution can be used to scrape away lightly.

Avoid leaving colored fluids on the quartz surface for long periods of time to prevent un-removable marks.

Terrastone is a care-free surface, but it is advised to be careful as excessive abuse can damage the Quartz Surface finish.

The structure of Terrastone Quartz Surfaces does not allow any bacteria or other harmful organism to grow making is safe to prepare food on.

Terrastone does not require a sealant.