Engineered Stone

About Engineered Stone

Engineer Stone is essentially a composition of 93% natural quartz, 7% binding resins and some colorant, making it unquestionably strong. Remarkably, the slab is of same working thickness, and yet it is cut, shaped and finished using the same stone- cutting equipment.

Quartz eliminates any opportunity for flourishing of bacteria, this makes engineered counters appropriate for food preparation as well as consumption. In addition to kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity-tops, quartz also provides endless solutions in applications of interior cladding, staircase tiling, windowsills, skirting and flooring. Engineered stone offers a variety of color and texture alternatives that make you create the unique design of your own living space.

High quality production, unmatched product design and state-of-the-art technology are the core principles that stand behind engineered stone combining functionality with elegance and offering unconditional customer satisfaction.

Quartz is one of the hardest, most functional and valuable natural stones provided by Mother Nature. It is extremely strong and highly resistant against abrasion and scratches. It is unmatched for the high resistance it shows against aggressive effects of household chemicals.

Thanks to 93% natural quartz mineral inherent in its composition, Terrastone is far more advantageous than many other surfacing materials.